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Can I Sleep With Air Conditioning on?

Posted on: July 18th, 2019 by Active

Whilst it may be technically safe to sleep with your air conditioning left on all night, there are a few things you should know and consider before doing so.

The summertime is here and the nights can become extremely sticky. The rise in temperature can make it difficult to sleep, but is it safe to leave your air conditioning unit on throughout the night? In the latest post from Air Conditioning Direct, we discuss this topic in more detail, ensuring you can get a comfortable night’s sleep, whatever the weather.

Body Temperature

Your body temperature can drop between 1 and 2 degrees whilst you sleep, so you may feel more comfortable leaving your air conditioning on a low setting, rather than turning it up full blast before you sleep. Leaving your air conditioning on a low setting will also avoid you getting a chill.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that the best temperature for sleep is somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so keeping your room somewhere between these temperatures should help you get to and stay asleep.


Air conditioning left on overnight can dry out your room, making your nose feel stuffy and your skin feel dry. If you this happens, you may want to cool your room down before going to bed and then turn the air conditioning off. Alternatively, you may want to try using a fan to cool down as well as other techniques, including keeping your curtains closed and your windows open – if there’s a breeze.

No matter whether you plan to use your air conditioning unit throughout the night or just at certain points during the day, the unit should be regularly cleaned. AC units that are not regularly cleaned can harbour a build-up of dust and dirt that can spread into your room once you turn it on.

Overall, there is no safety issue when it comes to leaving your air conditioning on all night, but you should be mindful of the possible issues that this could cause and take appropriate measures to make the most of your system.

Air Conditioning Direct

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