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Heat Pumps & Solar

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, all-in-one heating and cooling devices for residential use. They extract thermal energy from the ambient air, water or ground and ‘pump’ it to your home. The heat pump cycle is fully reversible, so they can be used for both heating and cooling.

Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a safe, reliable, highly efficient and a true low carbon, low cost solution for home heating and hot water. Altherma heat pumps heat up to 5 times more efficiently than a traditional heating system based on fossil fuels or electricity. By making use of the heat in the outside air it uses much less energy, whilst still providing year round comfort.

Altherma heat pumps are a split system consisting of an outdoor unit and an indoor hydro-box that can be connected to all standard low temperature radiators and under floor heating systems. As maintenance requirements are minimal, running costs are low. Inverter technology means energy savings are even greater.


The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the Earth. If it could all be tapped, the amount of solar radiation that reaches the globe every half hour would be enough to meet worldwide energy consumption requirements for an entire year.

A lot of people may think that solar panels in the London climate would be fairly ineffective, but this is not true. London receives around 60% solar energy compared to what the equator receives, this means that solar panels are definitely an option for the UK climate.

The benefits and financial rewards of harvesting solar energy are becoming more and more, with the introduction of HIPS and energy assessments now in place.