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Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning Units Explained

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Active

The commercial world is one that incorporates a number of environments. From loud and noisy warehouses, to the hustle and bustle of the office, each profession comes with its own unique demands. It’s even more important that you can create a cool and productive working environment and that is where we here at AC Direct come in.

As the leading supplying and installer of a range of air conditioning units, we offer a complete and bespoke service that will see us find the perfect solutions for your business. Serving London, Kent and Essex, we have experience in helping a range of businesses find cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.

Standard Installation

We can accommodate for a range of businesses from a variety of backgrounds. Our advanced air conditioning units offer simple and effective solutions, using low energy consumption to reduce your electrical costs whilst at the same time, protecting our environment.

Single & Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning units are designed to be flexible and manageable, giving you control over your working climate. From single outdoor condensing units to multi-split indoor units ran from one outdoor unit, we can design and install a system that truly enhances your commercial environment.

Wall, Floor & Ceiling Systems

Our wall and floor units can be installed at heights that suit your preference and functionality. Our ceiling systems utilise ceiling grilles that revitalise and rejuvenate the surrounding air. Thanks to our unprecedented experience, we are able to take into account the structure and make-up of your buildings to ensure you and your employees benefit the most.

For more information on our range of commercial air conditioning unit products or services, be sure to get in touch today by calling 020 8989 8989.

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Aircon direct have over the years provided a first class service backed up with quality products, Tom will always go well beyond the normal call of duty to ensure projects are delivered to satisfaction
Farhat Abbas, Subway Multi Unit Franchisee, London