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What Size Heat Pump Do I Need?

Posted on: February 17th, 2020 by Active

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the advantages of heat pumps, how they work, some of the frequently asked questions around them, and their history. Now, we take a look at the various sizes of heat pumps available, and how you can ensure you invest in the most suitable size for your property.

There are two types of heat pump – air source and ground source. The type of heat pump you invest in may affect the recommended kW output and consequently the size of the pump.

Other factors that can affect the size of heat pump you require are:

  • The number of bedrooms in the property
  • Type and size of the property
  • The level of insulation/heat loss
  • The size of radiators/underfloor heating
  • The desired indoor temperature
  • Seasonal outdoor temperatures

As a rough guide, many experts recommend an output of 1 kW for every 10 metres squared. However, this measurement can change dramatically depending on the rate at which your property loses heat.

Finding A Reliable Company

When updating the heating or cooling system in your home, working with a reliable and professional company is a must. A qualified heat pump installer will be able to inform you of the right size heat pump for your property, and provide you with answers to all your questions about the pump and its operation.

Look out for reviews and accreditations and ensure the company you work with has up to date insurance policies.

Air Conditioning Direct – Heat Pumps

We have been installing Alterma heat pumps across residential and commercial properties for many years, which proven to be up to five times more efficient than traditional heating systems based on fossil fuels or electricity. To get your no-obligation quote today, please call 020 8989 8989 today. Alternatively, send your enquiry through to our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch with your shortly.

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