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The Secret to a Happy Work Force!

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Active

Once upon a time air conditioning was just for the rich and famous, however the 21st century has seen air conditioning come into offices, public transport and shops making it a part of everyday life that we couldn’t live without. It’s a fact that we couldn’t be without our air conditioning, but we love to hate it. In recent years air conditioning has received some bad press so we’re going to tell you the benefits of having air conditioning installed in your business.


The temperature at which a room is at can affect the productivity of your work force, depending on whether they are too hot or too cold. Air conditioning systems allow you to find a comfortable heat and maintain it. So when your employees are too hot it will stop them from overheating and vice versa. Being a comfortable working environment will not only increase productivity but also moral making for a happy workforce.


Air conditioning systems can help to filter the air, especially in heavily polluted areas such as city centres, where there is frequently the congestion of pollution emitting vehicles, which produce a toxic blend of poisonous fumes. Air conditioning can help filter these pollutants and provide your working area with cleaner air. This can help those with allergies and breathing problems, so your team are less likely to be hit by allergens in the work place – therefore reducing your business’ sickness rate.


Over a prolonged period of time working an overheated environment can make your resistance wear down, making your employees uncomfortable and vulnerable to infections. Air conditioning has a soothing effect on the body that can contribute to reducing stress which is a long term health benefit.

Here at AC Direct our team of air con engineers are fully qualified to install and maintain your business’ air conditioning system. For more information about affordable air conditioning solutions then call us today on: 020 8989 8989 or contact us here.

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