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Do I Need Air Conditioning?

Posted on: May 9th, 2018 by Active

An image of office buildings in the summer.

Air conditioning units not only work well to effectively cool a space, even in the height of summer, they also help to reduce humidity by removing moisture from the air. There are many reasons to consider investing in an air conditioning system, and in the latest blog post, Air Conditioning Direct discuss the reasons you may want to consider air con installation.


Whether you work from home or in an office with the rest of your colleagues, feeling hot and sticky is very likely to decrease your productivity levels. To ensure everyone is on top form during the height of summer, keep your office temperature at a “reasonable” level. Some studies suggest that 21C is the sweet spot and when temperatures climb higher than this, workflow and accuracy can decrease.

Tailored Units

If you thought that air conditioning units only came in one size, you’d be wrong. If you have previously considered investing in air conditioning but were put off upon seeing the size of large commercial air con systems, just remember that a reputable company will always tailor the size of your air con unit the requirements of your space. What’s more, your air con system will run quietly, even when working tirelessly to keep your space cool, letting you get on with your day to day tasks, undisturbed.

Energy Consumption

Aside from the obvious questions that come alongside air conditioning installation, such as upfront cost and maintenance, you’d be right to consider the energy consumption of running your air conditioning unit. Before you invest, speak to a specialist and check the energy efficiency rating on your unit to help you make an informed decision.

Overall, although employers don’t actually have to provide air conditioning in the workplace, the general consensus is that keeping employees comfortable is far more likely to have positive consequences than office arguments over the temperature.

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