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Myths vs. Truths of Air Con

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Active

Since the minute air conditioning was invented, a variety of rumours have circulated about how it works and how it affects your health. Many of these have been proven to be extremely far from the truth so it is about time they were cleared up so you can start to enjoy the comfort of your air-conditioned home without worrying about all these myths.


Air conditioning can make you ill.


This is the main myth that causes many people concern when considering installing a unit. Since the early 20th century this rumour has been about as researchers were convinced that lower temperatures had an effect on the nasal cavity’s mucous membranes. However, we are now aware that colder temperatures do not cause a cold, as you have to be exposed to the virus to develop one. So in a nutshell, air-conditioning does not cause illness and in fact fans are far worse for spreading diseases than AC units are.


Leaving interior doors open means the air will circulate better and the whole house will cool quicker.


Keeping doors and windows closed will actually help the unit to perform more efficiently. It works by extracting the hot air, cooling it and then releasing it back into the room at a lower temperature. Therefore if one unit is being relied upon to cool multiple rooms it will use far more energy. It is better to only cool the room you are actually using at the time.


Air-conditioning will perform the same no matter where you install it.


There are a variety of places in which you can install an air-conditioning unit but some are not advised. For instance, near televisions or lights as the heat given off from the appliances will give a false reading to the unit’s thermostat of how warm the room actually is. It will therefore run for longer than it actually needs to.

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