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Make Your Store More Shopper Friendly with Air Conditioning

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Active

A bit of retail therapy can improve someone’s mood dramatically and the staff in stores know this better than anyone. The perfect customers are the ones who come in, browse to their hearts content, try multiple items on and at the end of their stay purchase a variety of garments. When they leave with a smile it is clear that they are likely to return and that they had a pleasant shopping experience.

However, the last thing any shopper wants is to traipse into the city whether it is to enjoy a day of leisurely shopping or on a last minute emergency buy and to be greeted with a sauna-like shop. The likelihood is that they will leave as soon as they possibly can and will only walk away more irritated and sweatier than when they entered.

We at AC Direct offer air conditioning installation in Kent as well as London and Essex in many types of commercial properties. We know that by installing air conditioning units in stores, during all seasons this can be highly beneficial for both the staff and customers. During the winter the big coats and all the added extras such as scarves and gloves come out to play and when you enter a store who has tried to compensate this with excessive heating, your whole trip turns into a nightmare. Do you try to hold all your outer wear as well as your other belongings (ended up dropping most of them) and also try to pick up items with your spare hand or do you continue to increase in temperature until you can no longer cope and have to leave?

Air conditioning could make the world of difference to someone’s shopping experience and although helpful staff and quality stock can contribute, if the customer is uncomfortably hot then they will most likely leave without buying. AC Direct can help to improve the customer-friendly environment of your store with our range of air conditioning units.

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