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Keeping Cool in The Hot Weather

Posted on: August 7th, 2018 by Active

Is there anything worse than working in a hot office during the height of the summer? If you’re feeling the effects of the summer heat, keep reading the latest post from Air Conditioning Direct, we discuss top tips for keeping cool in the hot weather.

Windows Open or Windows Closed?

During the warm weather, we all like to feel a cooling breeze, however, the age-old debate of throwing the windows open or keeping them firmly closed still persists.

To keep your inside space as cool as possible, only open the windows if the air outside cooler, otherwise you’re in danger of simply letting more hot air into the room. What’s more, if you have your air conditioning switched on, opening the windows will only serve to let the cool air out – not something you want to do in a stifling office environment

Stay Hydrated

Making use of aluminium bottles that keep your drinks cool for the entirety of your working day is a great way of ensuring a fresh beverage whenever you need one. If you don’t have an aluminium bottle, make sure you have a bottle of water on your desk and another in the fridge which can be easily grabbed when needed. What’s more, if your office environment becomes uncomfortable, you can use the other bottle as a cooler, placing on your lap on behind your back on your office chair.

Air Conditioning

Whilst there is no temperature at which employers need to send their employees home, health and safety law must be abided by – this includes ensuring that the temperature is at a comfortable level with access to fresh and clean air.

If you are concerned about the temperature of your working environment is too hot, you should address this with your employer.

Air conditioning can make a big difference to the temperature of a room and can be tailored to suit the size of the room they are situated in.

Air Conditioning Direct

Here at Air Conditioning Direct, we have been providing tailored air conditioning solutions for many years to residential and commercial premises. If you would like to find out more about air conditioning installation, please contact our dedicated team on 020 8989 8989 or send your enquiry through to our online enquiry form.

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