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Why It’s Important To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Posted on: May 13th, 2021 by Active

Image of an air conditioner blowing out fresh air

Having a fully functioning air conditioning system in your home or office can greatly improve your comfort levels, whether that be from warming you up or cooling you down. After owning one for a while, your air conditioning system can become a part of the furniture and so you may forget to service it regularly. We have compiled a few reasons why you should keep up with your air conditioner maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Ensuring that your air conditioning maintenance is up to scratch will mean that the system is far more likely to be running at its full capability. If not serviced, your air conditioner will gradually run at less and less efficiency, meaning you will be spending more money running the system than necessary.

Saving on Repair Costs

Speaking of saving money… Keeping up with air conditioning maintenance means that the system is far less likely to stop working seemingly out of nowhere. When this happens, not only are you suddenly plunged unexpectedly into a world without air con, but you will also have to spend money on emergency repairs. Regular servicing can eliminate the chance of needing to fork out the money for air conditioner restoration.

Preserving the Quality of Air

A serviced, fully functioning air conditioner should be providing the room with clean and fresh air. Over time the filter inside the machine will gather dust, causing the quality of air it is producing to drop. This is due the filter not being able to do its job of purifying the air effectively before sending it back out into the room. For people with medical issues such as asthma this can be harmful, so ensuring that the air quality remains at a high level by regularly getting your air conditioner serviced is very important.

Air Conditioning Direct

We hope that these reasons detailing why it is important to maintain your air conditioning system was helpful to you. Elsewhere on the website you can also find blogs on similar issues, such as whether using air con during the Covid-19 pandemic is safe, and if it is safe to sleep with the air conditioning on.

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I have been working with AC direct since 2006. At the time we have a portfolio of over 22 Subway Stores. A C direct carried us through the expansion and the maintenance of our existing and new equipment. All work carried out are listed but not limited to : New AC installation New Extractor fan installation Cold rooms Maintenance of all refrigeration units including back counters. Be 24 hours calls has helped to fix emergency challenges. Thank you to Tom and his team for the unconditional …
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