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The Most Important Aspects of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by AC Direct

Air conditioners require maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that they function properly, and, as a consequence, last longer before they need to be replaced. When not properly maintained, both the air conditioner’s ability to function properly will gradually be affected, and energy usage will go up over time.

Our latest article here at Air Conditioning London runs through some of the most important aspects of the maintenance process, what the consequences might be for poor maintenance management and the impact on effective maintenance on your system.

The Impact Of Poor Filter Maintenance

When it comes to maximising the efficiency of your air conditioner, filters are the most important thing to be maintained. Filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly, as, if they become dirty and clogged up, then the usual airflow of an air conditioner will be adversely affected. Depending on their level of efficiency some filters are reusable, while other types have to be replaced. When you replace a clogged up filter you can cut the energy usage of your air conditioner by between 5 and 15%.

The Consequences Of Dirt In An Evaporator Coil

As a result of a blocked filter, the evaporator coil may be affected by dirt because the normal airflow has been stopped from functioning correctly. Subsequently, air can’t flow through the filter but goes straight into the evaporator coil instead. The coil’s ability to absorb heat may then be affected because of the impact of the dirt.

Condensate Drains Maintenance

A way of making sure that condensate drains don’t become clogged up is by using a stiff specialist brush to clear any blockage in the unit’s drain channels. If the unit is clogged up, there will be no reduction of humidity levels and the resultant moisture can result in discoloured walls and carpets.

Dirt On Coil Fins

When condenser foils are outside they can become a magnet for all types of debris, particularly in a dusty environment, or when there’s plants or trees nearby. By checking the condenser coil you will be able to determine whether the coil fins are dirty or not. The area around the condenser unit should be checked also, and when there’s a risk of leaves or twigs falling onto it the foliage should be cut back to a minimum of two feet from the unit.

If your air conditioner needs more than the usual maintenance then that will be the time to call in a professional company like AC Direct. We are a company that can help you enjoy the benefits of an air conditioner that will be energy efficient, that reduces your running costs, and will last a long time. With more than 25 years’ experience we are a friendly team that undertakes both residential and commercial air con-related work, chiefly in the London area. For more information, please call us today on 020 8989 8989.

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