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What Happens during an Air Conditioning Service?

Posted on: October 24th, 2017 by Active

Investing in a regular air conditioning service will help to ensure your air con system is free from dust and dirt and running as efficiently as possible. In the latest blog post from AC Direct, we take a look at exactly what happens during an air conditioning service, and how regularly you should consider investing in one.

No matter the type or size of the air conditioning unit you have installed into your commercial or residential property, you should invest in an annual air conditioning service.

Initial Checks

One of the first checks that will be made during an air conditioning service will be to check if there is any leaking water inside the air conditioning system. A professional technician will identify leaks coming from the tubes then drain the accumulated water and remove any dirt or debris that has also accumulated inside the system.

Once the tubes have been drained and cleaned, attention will then be moved to the fin and the fan. Both parts of the air con system will be cleaned of any dust, mould and debris to prevent problems that can include ice formation or the air conditioner not cooling properly.

Aside from carefully cleaning the inside of the system, a service also involves checking the level of coolant. If your coolant level drops below the minimum marker, the temperature of the cooling coil will drop below its usual level, resulting in your air conditioning system stopping.

Final Checks

Once all components have been thoroughly cleaned, more general checks of the overall system will be carried out, with particular attention being paid to key parts such as the condenser unit, motor, fan evaporator unit and thermostat. Once a full air conditioning service has been carried out, your technician will be able to inform you of any faults.

Here at AC Direct, we carry out regular maintenance of all our installed units to each they work as efficiently as possible. If you would like more information regarding our residential or commercial services, we welcome you to contact us. Please call us today on
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