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The Best Locations for Air Con Units

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Active

So you have made the decision that you are going to invest in air conditioning and are excited about experiencing the many benefits that this will have within your home or work place. However, it can be difficult to know exactly where you should place your units and where you should avoid having them installed. Here at AC Direct we are experts in the air conditioning field and know exactly where are the best places for units so that you can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.

The places that are great for air conditioning, especially in offices, are ones which are slightly away from your staff. Otherwise the unlucky person sat directly underneath the unit could be very cold, whilst someone a few seats away could be feeling very happy and comfortable. It is not recommended that you install a unit behind a television or near bright lights as this can send false readings and can make the system work far harder necessary to cool down the area.

Try to place the unit a little away from the main doors in either your house or office. The breeze created can also send false readings and you will therefore not benefit fully from the unit. It is best to have the professionals fit your chosen type of unit in a place in which you are sure will not be affected in the future. For instance, on a wall between the kitchen and dining room as one day you may want to knock through to make the space a large kitchen diner and that could mean relocating the unit at extra expense.

To enquire about installing air conditioning in Kent call us on 020 8989 8989 or visit our contact page. We can guarantee a reliable and professional service with your new air conditioning installed in the perfect place.

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