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Benefits to Your Health Due to Air Conditioning

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Active

There are many rumours and myths about air conditioning and the claimed risks that it has regarding your health. However, here at AC Direct we are aware that there are actually a large amount of benefits to your health as opposed to risks. With advances in technology and by keeping on top of the maintenance of your units, installing air conditioning can be much better for you than you ever could have imagined.


We all know how uncomfortable it can be in bed on a stuffy summer’s night. Installing air conditioning will cool the area and therefore can dramatically improve your quality of sleep. You will be much better rested and consequently your body will have more time to recover and repair any damage.

During activity, keeping cool is essential as you do not want to overheat. This could cause many serious problems as you could easily pass out and cause damage to your body. Also, being cool helps to keep your heart rate low as your body is not working overtime to try cool you down.


Many people think that using air conditioning dries out the skin but this is not necessarily true. When hot and sweaty you use up a lot more water as you are trying to keep yourself at a regulated temperature. This can dehydrate you a lot faster and can cause long term damage in extreme cases.

Insects and Parasites

With a lower temperature, there is less of a breeding ground for insects and parasites. This means there can be a reduced risk of diseases spreading and the area is less likely to experience infestation. This can not only be good for your health but also for your bank balance.

Overall Happiness

So you sleep better, you get more from your exercise regime, your body is far more hydrated and you are seeing less insects around the area. There are many other benefits of installing air conditioning but we know that health is a number one concern and therefore any way to improve quality of the air around you should be taken.

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