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Air Conditioning in Schools

Posted on: October 9th, 2018 by Active

An image of a classroom with desks arranged in rows.

Schools are busy environments, with hundreds or sometimes thousands of pupils attending and a hive of activity breaking out between classes. Consequently, appropriate ventilation becomes highly important in order to maintain a comfortable environment. In the latest post from AC Direct, we take a look at the importance of air conditioning in schools.


We’ve all felt the agitation that occurs when we’re sat in a stuffy or hot room and trying to concentrate. If appropriate ventilation isn’t put in place within a school, productivity can suffer and a students behaviour can also decline.

The installation of a tailored ventilation system can help to control the temperature of the space and bring fresh air into a room for a more comfortable working environment.


It is not surprising to imagine that with so many students and teachers in one place, smells can build up. Whether it’s body odour, the smell of dirt or mud from the playground, food or mixed perfumes and deodorants, the build-up of these odours can cause a noticeable smell and affect the performance of those teaching and learning in a school.

If your ventilation system has been designed to your requirements, it should be able to effectively reduce odours in a space and provide a good air flow through the space.

Air Conditioning Direct

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