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Where Should Your Air Conditioner Be Placed?

Posted on: June 14th, 2021 by Active

As summer is now upon us, the demand for air conditioning systems has risen, but in people’s haste to get their unit up and running, they often forget that positioning is key when setting up their conditioning system. We at Air Conditioning Direct are here to help with some key things to consider when thinking about where to place your AC.

Keep Away From Hot Points

Your new air conditioning unit is likely to have a built in thermostat installed, regulating the temperature of the room to adjust accordingly. To give the unit the best chance possible of having an accurate reading, it should be positioned away from hot points of the room. These hot points can be anything that gets an unbalanced amount of heat compared to the rest of the room, such as above a kettle or in direct sunlight. If your air conditioning unit is placed in a neutral area, its temperature regulation is going to work more effectively.

Avoid Placement Directly Over Bed

At first thoughts, the idea of an air conditioner pouring cold air over you while you try to sleep on a summer’s night may seem dreamy, but the reality is quite different. Placing an air conditioning system is a common mistake as the vast majority of people find that this placement has the opposite effect, making them too cold while they’re trying to drift off. For a happy medium, the general consensus is that the AC unit should be placed in a central location. This will provide the required cooling without it feeling too cold.

Think About Air Flow

It is advisable that your air conditioning system should be placed in a position that compliments the natural air flow of the room. In order to get the most use of your system, it should be placed away from doors that will be frequently opened and shut, as well as any furniture that may block the AC’s air flow. The easier it is for the air to be transported from your conditioner to the rest of the room, the more effective it will be.

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