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3 Ways Air Conditioning Can Contribute to a Healthier Environment

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Active

Air conditioning systems can do far more than keep you cool during the scorching summer months, or provide some much needed heat when winter takes its icy grip. There are a number of benefits that air conditioning systems can have on the environment you’re in – whether it’s at home, or in an office environment.


Humidity refers to the amount of water in the air at any time, and often people suffering from allergies find that their symptoms are worsened in damp humid places.

Air conditioning systems remove a certain amount of moisture from the air, and this can potentially bring relief to asthmatics, hay fever sufferers and anyone who suffers from similar respiratory problems. High humidity also encourages the growth of mould and mildew, and can lead to damp patches appearing on walls and ceilings.

Moulds can also exacerbate (and sometimes even cause) breathing issues in people working and living in the building. Air conditioning, by drying out the air, can discourage and prevent the mould spores from multiplying.


The ventilation of any building is important, as the onset of ‘sick building syndrome’ shows us. This condition presents with a wide range of symptoms, from headaches and nausea to skin rashes, wheezing and poor concentration. While no definitive cause has been found as yet, the condition is thought to be found mainly in open plan buildings, occupied or used by many people (such as busy offices, libraries and schools) where there is little or no fresh air being circulated.

Air conditioning systems have integral ventilation systems that ensure a good supply of clean, fresh air is circulated throughout the entire building, blasting out old dust, carpet fibres and other minute particles that may cause ill-health.


It is easy to see how filters in air conditioning systems can help keep the air fresh and healthy. You can find filters that can capture smelly cigarette smoke and particles of dust and dirt, and you can also get filters that are fine enough to trap microbes, germs and viruses that could otherwise see half of the office fall ill, all at the same time!

The key thing to remember with these filters is that the maintenance and replacement of them must be closely monitored – if left for too long, the air conditioner could actually start spreading the contaminants throughout the building instead of removing them!

The problem with air conditioning is that when it works effectively, it is taken for granted – no-one notices that they are a comfortable temperature and breathing easily and feeling alert, focussed and competent! Only when the air conditioning system goes down, do we realise exactly how much good the air conditioner is doing. Breathing stale air for too long, being unable to regulate the temperature of our offices or homes and living with an accumulation of the detritus of life – dust, skin cells, pollen and so on – can actively make us ill.

AC Direct can install air conditioners into your premises that will dramatically increase productivity and health in the building. Over the past 25 years, we have improved the comfort and breathing of many hundreds of customers so do not delay; contact AC Direct today!

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We have worked with Air Conditioning Direct on a number of occasions and in particular Tom. We have always found them to be professional, with an excellent knowledge base, whilst being happy to provide flexible proposals to accommodate the existing types of buildings encountered during refurbishment works. Their installs are quality, clean, and all within agreed time frames. I have no hesitation in recommending AC Direct.
Michael Lansley, TM Developments, London